About Us

What is Financial Support?

Financial Support (Supernatural Light of Knowledge) is a blogging website in which information is given on various topics. The work of collecting information on various subjects and conveying it to the readers is done. I am graduates, but due to my interest in writing, I will write regularly for Financial Support. In Financial Support, information is written on topics related to Finance Management.

On all these topics, i am working hard to give all the information by doing research and prepare the content according to the interest and desire of readers. My blog has also played an interesting role in making a large amount of content available on the Internet.

You have so far known about my blog, in which you have been told what you can read.


My name is Raj Singh and I am a resident of Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra. I have done graduation from University Of Mumbai [Mumbai]. I started my first job with Jankalyan Enterprises. After this I did a job in Vitthal TPS Kreationss LLP which I left in December 2019 and join new company Componix India Pvt Ltd. Today I am still working in Componix and with that I am doing blogging also.


It is a natural thing that if anyone is a blogger, then he is fond of reading and writing and he understands the Internet a little bit. I am also like this but being an Accountant it is not easy for me to take out a lot of time. Even then, giving myself time, I used to publish something by writing something, due to which I knew a little bit about blogging.